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The profile development, workshops and training of facilitators who present these materials are the brain child of Hettie Brittz and Annatjie van Zyl.

Annatjie and Hettie met while they were training together to become DISC consultants. They share a passion for people and believe that they have a calling to equip individuals with self-knowledge and understanding of others, enabling them to grow in all their relationships.

Under Hettie’s and Annatjie’s leadership, a growing number of trained facilitators present the Tall Trees workshops. With their specialist knowledge, this passionate team transforms relationships and leadership in every sphere.

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Hettie Brittz (married mother of three) started out as a speech therapist and is the author of several books on temperament, parenting, school discipline and spiritual growth. Besides being the Head of Profile Development at Tall Trees, she heads Evergreen Parenting – an international team that presents courses and talks to parents and educators. Her book about compassionate school discipline was developed into a computer program. She tours in South Africa and internationally and has presented talks and courses in the Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, England, the USA, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana and the United Arab Emirates. Her key convictions are that there is hope for every individual and any relationship and that there is no place or circumstance so dark that God can't turn it around for good. LinkedIn
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Annatjie van Zyl has been married to Etienne for 20 years and has two daughters, Sonica and Monya. She lives in Pretoria with her family. She partnered with Hettie Brittz in 2010 to form Tall Trees Profiles – the first on-line, proudly South African leadership / personality profiles. Annatjie is an expert on temperament, has a few councelling diplomas and loves to teach. She trains all the Tall Trees facilitators and is also a trainer for Evergreen Parenting. She has more than 800 hours of training behind her. She believes in relationship. As John D. Rockefeller adequately said: “I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than any other ability under the sun”. Tall Trees Profiles offers her the opportunity to live her passion – sharing a relationship tool with others – to influence and change people’s lives for the better. Her motto is: Don’t just live, GROW! “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely” - Unknown LinkedIn

Our Approach

The reference to Tall Trees stems from the idiom that tall trees catch the most wind. Tall Trees equips each teenager and adult to become a tall tree that will remain standing even during the worst wind storm.

Tall Trees is built on the following beliefs:

  1. 1. Everybody has been created as a unique individual according to an intelligent design.
  2. 2. Every person’s design is tied to a life purpose and life plan.
  3. 3. Relationships (with God and people) are everybody’s most important growth challenge.
  4. 4. The realisation of each individual’s potential starts with self-knowledge and understanding of others.
  5. 5. Everybody can be a leader by using their gifts in the right area, at the right time and in the right way.
  6. 6. Each individual’s unique combinations of temperaments supply us with a rich variety of information for personal growth.
  7. 7. Respect for every individual’s uniqueness and the acceptance of differences can bridge any gulf between people and cultures.

At Evergreen Parenting, Tall Trees’ sister company, we have striven for years to teach families to know and appreciate one another’s temperament and to strengthen all the relationships between family members. Hettie’s book, Growing kids with character, became a bestseller due to the fact that it addresses the relationship challenges within the family, although it can be applied in other spheres, too. As a result of this publication, as well as Hettie’s and Annatjie’s counselling and training, Tall Trees undertook additional research and developed tested profiles for teenagers and adults in order to supply sophisticated answers to the difficult questions relevant to relationships in a variety of contexts.


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