--- Adult Leadership Profile ---

"The task determines the leader"

The Tall Trees Leadership Profile endeavours to give a 3-dimensional perspective on you as a leader, taking into account how you function socially, at work and in your overall approach to life. Leadership is an attitude towards life in which leaders are willing to give their best while inviting the best in others.
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Work Your Work Profile

The Work Profile indicates how you would approach new tasks, which assignments you would prefer and which work environment would suit you best. Your level of ambition, perfectionism, originality, capacity for change and affinity for systems and procedures will come to light in this profile. It predicts the sources of stress that would affect you in the workplace, how you would get along with your team members and when and where you would prefer to take over...or take leave!

Work Fields of Greatness

These are your personalized tasks and situations which suit you best. This is when YOU need to step up and take the lead.

Work Frostbite

These are your personalized factors that frustrate you most and make it almost impossible for you to excel. If unavoidable, they should at least be managed.

Work Your Social Profile

The Social Profile gives clues as to how you act amongst friends and family and in social settings at work. It explores your communication style, the way in which you express emotions, and your approach to conflict. It reveals how you might experience and express emotions, and how you would approach relationships in general. It predicts whether you would prefer large groups, small groups or solitude. It even tells about your style in front of an audience: colourful, emotional and loud, or careful, factual and to the point. It predicts the type of people who would make you feel as though someone is chipping away at you with an axe!

Work Forest Fires

These personalized statements will help you take an honest look at your communication style and your approach to conflict.

Work Your Life view Profile

The Life View Profile will review that you approach life as a challenge, an adventure, a test or an opportunity to grow. It shows whether you attack life enthusiastically, or stand and wait for life to happen to you. Which values and priorities are so central to you that they can even lead you to act contrary to your natural temperament? Your experiences, beliefs and even pain from the past will affect this profile. From this profile you will be able to identify your points of growth (called Fast Forward). To take these points as a challenge to grow, will set you apart as a true Tall Tree. These Fast Forward growth points will make you an even better leader.

Work Fast Forward

These are your personalized growth points will make you an even better leader if you can overcome some of the challenges in your particular profile. Regard them as seeds for growing character and gaining maturity.

Work Your Tall Trees Leadership Profile

The TTLP (Tall Trees Leadership Profile) is a combination of the others, and thus give you a three-dimensional view of you as a leader. This profile is used to predict your needs, the things that will bring you fulfillment, and the unique strengths that you have been blessed with.

Work Forces Within

These are your personalized, unique leadership strengths.

Work Fertilizer

These are your personalized needs. When met, they help you to function at your best. They help you stay motivated and effective.


Tall Trees Solutions

  •  Tall Trees Profile workshops offer dynamic and interactive team-building retreat or on-site training opportunities.

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