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"The task determines the leader"

The Tall Trees Leadership Profile endeavours to give a 3-dimensional perspective on you as a leader, taking into account how you function socially, at school and in your overall approach to life. Leadership is an attitude towards life in which leaders are willing to give their best while inviting the best in others.
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Work Your Work Profile

Your Work Profile shows how you study and work at home and at school. It gives you your Fields of Greatness and your Frostbite.

Work Fields of Greatness

The tasks and situations which suit you the best. This is where and when you should take the lead. It's your sweet spot!

Work Frostbite

Things that irritate you so you can’t do your best. Keep as far away as possible from these frustrations. They drain you!

Work Your Social Profile

Your Social Profile is about how you speak, listen, fight, socialize and handle your emotions. It teaches you about your Forest Fires.

Work Forest Fires

How you communicate and handle conflict - lets talk!

Work Your Lifeview Profile

Your Life View Profile is your attitude about life, how you handle change, and how you see success. It shows you your Fast Forward growth pointers.

Work Fast Forward

Growth pointers to becoming a better leader, friend and team member. Here you can choose to do better work and have better relationships. Are you ready to go forward fast?

Work Your TTLP

The Tall Trees Leadership Profile shows the type of leader you will be. It gives you your Forces Within and Fertilizer.

Work Forces Within

Your natural strengths. You make the world a better place by using these natural gifts. It's your thing!

Work Fertilizer

What you need to function at your very best. Make sure you have plenty of this in your life. It gives you life, smiles and extra miles!


Tall Trees Solutions

  •  Profiles and workshops for entire high school per grade group.

     We specialize in workshops for Grade 7 and 12 leader selection.

     A Tall Trees workshop is an excellent activity for leadership and Grade 8 camps.

     We offer a special workshop for parents and teens.

     Any parent or youth worker can buy a profile code for a teen to obtain a Tall Trees Leadership Profile Report.