---(un)Natural Mom Report---

"Parenting is the art of adding your design to the artwork your child already is in order to leave a legacy that will outlive you."

This report is gender neutral and can be done by fathers and grandparents, too!

“Our culture puts so much pressure on moms to be perfect. Hettie Brittz reminds us that the ‘supermom’ is a myth and encourages mothers to embrace their unique temperaments and gifts as they raise their kids.”
Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family
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Work Your Discipline Profile

Your discipline profile relates to how you handle misbehaviour, rules and routine. Here it will become evident how firm your grip is. Do you expect conformation and absolute obedience or are you flexible and accommodating when it comes to your child's will and choices? Are you a natural at laying down the law or do you find it hard to enforce consistent boundaries for your child's behaviour? It gives you your Fields of Greatness and your Frostbite.

Work Fields of Greatness

These are the parenting tasks and responsibilities which you are a natural at. Play these parts with confidence.

Work Frostbite

These situations bend you out of shape as a parent. Delegate and manage these frustrations as well as you can, without neglecting your role as caregiver.

Work Your Nurturing Profile

Your nurturing profile gives clues to how you handle the daily emotional and physical needs of your child. It explores how you speak, cuddle, comfort, care and protect your child. It predicts how you would deal with your and your child's feelings during conflict as well as bonding times. Will you face conflict head-on, or do your best to keep the peace?

Work Forest Fires

These statements will help you take an honest look at your communication style and your approach to conflict with your child.

Work Your Mentoring Profile

Your mentoring profile relates to what you view as the key elements of good parenting. It will reflect what you regard as success in this area of your life. What you want to teach your child, build into his or her character and equip him or her with for their journey into adulthood will become evident in this profile. Here you will gain insight into the aspects that may need to be adjusted in order to guide your children well.",

Work Fast Forward

These fast forward growth points will make you an even better parent if you can overcome some of the challenges in your particular profile. Regard them as seeds for growing character and gaining maturity.

Work Your Parenting Profile

Your Tall Trees Parenting Profile is a combination of the other profiles and thus gives a broader view of you as parent. We use this profile to predict what you need to function at your best, as well as the unique strengths that you have been blessed with.",

Work Forces Within

These are your unique parenting strengths. You make your family thrive by using these natural gifts.

Work Fertilizer

These are your needs. When met, they help you to function at your best. They help you stay motivated and effective.