Husband is motivated to work on his marriage

Things that I learned and that stood out for me from this Tall Trees Marriage course: - I learned a lot more about myself and know why I am thinking the way I am. As a Palm Tree, the nail was hit on the head by describing my character and I have learned how to nurture my weak points and strengthen my strong pionts according to God;s will for my life. - I have learned that my wife is not always just spitefull. Everything I like, she doesnt', everything I want, she may not. What makes me happy doesn't make her happy. We are extremely different but now we can start working on how to compromise to consider one another. It was amazing to realise that even though we are all so different in so many ways, we all have just as important a role in God's kingdom and no one is more important or better than the other. Most of all, I am motivated to pray for my wife and our marriage.

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