I am impressed!

I just took the test and I must say that I was quite amazed. It was such a simple test that I was not expecting much. But the results were dead on accurate in almost every aspect— missed on only a few minor aspects. I found it very interesting and helpful to compare the various profiles— work vs social etc. Some aspects of my profiles are opposite from one another in ways that surprised me (team player vs independent is just one example)— but that is indeed mostly the way I am in different settings. And it was very well-written— you frequently captured the subtleties and inherent inconsistencies of human personality with insightful, multi-layered phrases. One of many: ‘You will work with a team rather than alone as you know achieving goals alone is worth less than achieving goals as a team.’ The complexity you are capturing in such a simple test is impressive and I am sure not easy to do.

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